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Windows 10 pro domain join error free download

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Here I suggest you check and install all available Windows Update. Now the latest build is Besides that, please also enable the SMBv1. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help. If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact tnmff microsoft.

Domain join worked and still works just verified with all former Windows versions XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 until but shows an error on all machines I have tried until today.

We unfortunately still have Windows Server as DC but we need this working again asap – or better yesterday. Of course, SMBv1 is activated in , and build version is Common causes of this error include: – Host A or AAAA records that map the names of the domain controllers to their IP addresses are missing or contain incorrect addresses. I am also having this same issue.

Unable to join new Windows 10 machines to Server domain with domain functional level Server Receiving same error that the domain controller could not be contacted. I’m trying to add them to our Domain. The domain is on a Dell Windows Server 16 Standard server. And just add an I7 the same way 2 months ago. It believe it in Workstation side.

And is Microsoft trying to sell us the new Work Station addtion? If it’s a single name domain i. Was beating my head with this for a few days. Added the registry key and was instantly able to join with This issue being described in this thread is a known bug. RS4 broke remote mailslots which causes mailslot dependent operations like domain join to fail. This is my store of Windows 10 Pro that would not join a local domain. I’d post the link but it wasn’t allow too.

Microsoft sales person try to sell me I a volume license of Pro to fix this. I knew the DNS error I was seeing was not right. If I enter a PC name from the Domain it would error it a second. After all my years of doing this I knew it was programming error on Microsoft part.

There a lot of us have this same error over the past month. I hope this fixes a lot of your issue quick to…. I think this thread is splitting. This is not an Active Directory Domain. It is the same issue as I have and a few other people in the thread. Fladnar’s solution was for how to join a single name AD domain and not an NT4 domain.

If it was meant to apply to an NT4 domain as well, it did not work for me. It looks like you’ve edited your post and I was going to work my way through it today. Was your post applicable to my scenario or was it only relevant for joining an Active Directory Domain?

It it was relevant, please can you repost your steps to debug with what to look for? Also the netlogon setvice is not enabled. I suspect this is because it is for an Active Directory domain. NickJH – sorry to pull the rug out from under you. The Only workaround is to perform the join using the “long” fully qualified DNS domain name – i. NetBIOS domain name “contoso”. Moderator Karen has offered to share an update as to when this bug gets fixed.

I expect that Microsoft will document the issue in the release notes of the RS4 monthly update that resolves the bug. I thought you had a solution there but I can’t get it to work. I have added the following srv records:. But it still comes back with a message that the Active Directory Domain Controller for howittts. Is your solution for an AD DC only or should it work for both domain types?

If it should work for both, are you able to help me troubleshoot it? They are stuck at a maximum of 15? I have tried DNS records with:. Were you joining an AD domain or an old-style domain? Hope its useful. Okay I think I have a permanent solution to this. The problem id caused because technology moves on and there are two fronts on which this has occurred here.

It may be that on Microsoft Windows Server, which is a bit operating system, there are bit x86 or bit x86 applications installed on it, when there is almost always something that is not working right. On Microsoft Windows Server which is bit version when there are bit x86 drivers or bit x86 applications installed on it, there are usually some problems later, and one of these problems occurs in Windows Update automatic downloads.

To correct the problem, you must under Control Panel, Programs and Features, uninstall all bit x86 drivers, download and install the bit x64 version of these drivers, and finally restart the server. Same the same in Windows 7 64 bit version, idem in Windows 8. It looks like the update, KB, fixes the problem. If you can’t wait, you can get the update from the Update Catalog , or, if you postponed the update, use the Upgrade Link.

Once you do the domain. The problem I’ve run into adding. Here’s the cause and resolution from MS Technet. The errors occur if NT4Emulator is set to 0x1 in the following registry subkey of the helper domain controller used to join the target domain:.

To resolve this issue either delete the NT4Emulator registry value on the Active Directory domain controllers in the destination domain if Windows NT 4. Otherwise, set the following registry value on the Windows 7 or Windows Server R2 client before attempting to join the domain:. This registry setting allows the Active Directory domain controllers with the NT4Emulator setting to respond normally to the requesting client avoiding Windows NT 4. For older domain controllers SMB v1 is required to domain Join the computers to the domain.

That got things working for me. If anyone stumbles across this down the road. For me it does NOT work. I have made some tests with a “fresh” virtual machine to avoid mistakes. Error code Any idea? Maybe your DNS For me these solutions were not the problem. We had this strange problem of nort being able to connect new PC’s to the domain after switching to Telstra NBN internet and their new hardware. I found this out by pinging the servers name at the CMD prompt. Rebooted the laptop I was having trouble trying to connect to the domain then tried again and boom, I could connect it to the domain.

I had the similar issue – some computers could not join my domain – other computer scould join without any issue. My final and very simple solution was, juts to switch of the IP6 protocol on the client side. Using IP4 the domain immediately was found and the computer has joined. After the registration I reactivated the IP6 protocol.

In the item Network Connections, in the item Ethernet Properties, click on the Network item, click the Advanced item, click on DNS, there you can register all the DNS addresses that are being used in your network, and you can add the specific primary DNS suffixes for each network connection.

Old post, but with Windows 7 phasing out it’s here again. I had the problem of not being able to get the new Windows 10 machines to join the domain. In my case the only thing need to make it work was to set the DNS to point to my DNS server address rather than obtain automatically.

I plan to change it back to automatic afterwards. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Resources for IT Professionals. Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums.



Windows 10 pro domain join error free download

学校の環境を Microsoft Office 、Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)、Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) を使って統合する Active Directory のドメイン参加とはActive Directory にはドメイン参加した PC そもそもの話で、ドメイン参加可能な Windows は Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise 等


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