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Watch our Microsoft Project tutorials and learn how to plan and manage projects. Courses on this project management software show how to set up files. Nov 1, – Explore Steve York’s board “Microsoft Project” on Pinterest. See more ideas about microsoft project, microsoft, tutorial. More videos on YouTube Thanks for watching! Please feel free to leave comments below or check out our other blogs on Microsoft Project.

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The status of Recovered is the file recovered during recovery process or file saved during a AutoRecover save process. The Document Recovery task pane lets you open the files, view what repairs were made, and compare the recovered versions. You can then save the version you want to use and delete the other versions, or save all the open files to review later. Word will start. If Word was able to detect a recovered file, Word will start with the document open.

You then have the option to save the file back to the original name or to save as a different name. Part of this document may be recoverable. Attempt recovery now? If you click Yes, Word attempts to recover all or part of the file. If you click No, the. Word renames the AutoSave files in the case that program hangs stops responding when you open the AutoSave file.

After Word renames your. To list all the. Office Products More During the training, there will be additional expenses due to the equipment needs such as projection as well as food and beverage offerings.

These costs will be reflected in your classroom tuition fees. In this way, the p rices of classroom training will be very high compared to online training. Online training often works in an environment where disruptions can occur. For example, while watching online videos at home, your spouse or mother may call out to you, you may need to put the video on hold and respond, or go near it. Or, while you are on the subway while watching the training video, you may have approached the stop where you will get off, you need to stop the video and prepare.

When they have to pause your training and then return to it, they lose their productivity due to the cognitive costs of switching tasks. But of course, it is possible to plan your time for training and avoid this disadvantage.

Whereas, classroom training, by its nature, encourages a time when you are not distracted. This is one of the benefits of classroom education. Even though the most successful instructor in a subject is at the farthest point of the world, it is possible to reach this thanks to online training. It is possible for a student in India to take a course from an instructor in the United States or vice versa, for a student in the United States to take a course from an instructor in India thanks to online training.

Classroom training would be very costly and often impossible due to hotel and flight costs. Moreover, you will not be able to find vacancies in the classes of popular instructors.

These criteria are valid not only for MS project training but also for any training. You should evaluate your own situation by considering all these criteria one by one.

You need to evaluate how important and applicable each criterion is for you. But if I talk for myself, I d efinitely prefer online education. According to the criteria I shared with you, I prefer to have access to top-quality training provided by the best instructors, with the flexibility of time and location, at reasonable prices.

And whenever I buy new training, I always prefer online training. For this reason, the target audience of the video includes people who have just met MS Project.

For those who have used MS Project before, the first parts of the video may sound familiar, but I recommend watching them anyway. Because the changes that come with MS Project may differ from the versions you used before. It is assumed that you have basic knowledge of project management and Microsoft ribbons.

By the way, a ribbon is a command bar that shows application features at the top of a window. If you have used Word or Excel before, Microsoft ribbons will be familiar to you. The instructor of this 1-hour free training is Deborah Ashby. Working in the training arena for 11 years, Deborah has nearly 25 years of experience in the field of industry.

She has given training on Microsoft Project in 25 different countries and still continues her training activities.

The instructor of this advanced training video is also Deborah Ashby. Deborah is our top certified IT trainer specializing specifically in Microsoft products. Since she has been actively using MS Project in his projects for more than 20 years, she will tell you in detail.

Needless to say, not every subject will fit into 1 hour of video, the purpose of this video is to give you an idea about the content of the training.

When you watch this video, you should be able to fill in any gaps in your knowledge. As I mentioned earlier in this article, Microsoft retired the MS Project certification exam as of However, the fact that the certification exam is no longer held, does not reduce the value of MS Project knowledge. So knowing MS Project and documenting it with an MS Project training certificate will be a qualification that will highlight you in every job application.

MS Project Certification courses do not only contain educational videos to watch. Practicing and solving questions during and after training, provides a better understanding of the issues.

This is a scientific fact. And in line with this scientific reality, we enriched the contents of our MS Project training with quizzes, practice questions, and other Microsoft Project Certification exams. So that you can understand the subject better. The feedback we receive from our students also supports this view. On the way to success, it is important to be able to measure improvement in every field.

If you measure, you will see the deficiencies and mistakes and you will have the opportunity to refine and improve. Measurement in education is done with test questions, quizzes. This also applies to MS Project training. Note that, these questions are for your self-assessment, and regardless of your scores, you will earn the Microsoft Project Certification once you completed our course.

In MS Project the duration of a summary task is the duration from the earliest start date of any of its subtasks to the latest finish date of any of its subtasks. True b. At first glance, these rates might seem a bit high. But remember, the numbers reflect a one-time payment for a license, not an ongoing charge. Depending on your team size, you could easily be paying more than this on a monthly basis with a cloud package.

Overall, the on-premises solutions are a great value. You can use it to manage projects, tasks, reports, and even business intelligence. But there are no other advanced features.

You can sync the software with Project Online as well. Project Server is a scalable on-site solution for project portfolio management. It gives organizations the ability to measure demand and use advanced analytics for proposals and portfolio planning. MS Project Professional will accommodate most needs. But overall, cloud packages are a better option for most organizations.

Here are our top picks of the best project management tools to see some popular Microsoft Project Management Software alternatives:. Microsoft Project Management Software is undoubtedly one of the most powerful projects management tools on the market today.

The learning curve is steep, especially compared to more beginner-friendly tools out there. But if you need an advanced solution for project management at scale, you should definitely consider MS Project.

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Project supports numerous file types. You can open and save aspects of your project in the following formats, however some formats only allow you to save information contained in Project fields.

This is the standard file format for your projects. It uses the. Microsoft Project MS Project supports the opening and saving of files from Microsoft Project Microsoft Project file. MS Project supports the opening and saving of files from Microsoft Project , as well as These are template files that save information you will use in other products.

It is just like a template for a website, except it is for a project. The global file Global. It can contain information for all projects, but it cannot save tasks, resources, or assignments.

PDF files. This format is the portable document format. It has the extension. Excel Workbook or Excel notebook. You can export your field data to this format, but you cannot export entire projects.

This format is commonly used by word processing programs. You can export field data to this format, but you cannot export entire projects. Comma-separated values CSV. This format uses the. This format is used to deliver rich and structured data. You can import and export data using this format. It can also be used to interchange data from Project between Project and other programs.

We’ve looked at the backstage area shown to you when you first open Project Now let’s look at the entire Project interface by opening a blank project. At the top left of the Project window, you will see the Quick Access toolbar, a feature shared by all Office products. We’ve highlighted the Quick Access Toolbar in yellow below. Beneath the Quick Access Toolbar, you will see the traditional menu bar. This is also common to all Microsoft products and contains menus you will need for the software and individual projects.

Below the toolbar, you have the ribbon. The ribbon contains the tools and commands you will need when using Project The workspace is located below the Entry Bar.

By default, the Project Screen is shown with the Gantt Chart View being the view that is displayed by default. You can change the view in the workspace by going to View on the menu bar. While memorizing the parts of the interface is not critical to being able to use the software. Please take a minute and review if you f eel like you need to.

Open Main Menu. Browse Courses My Classes. Sign In Subscribe Course Catalog. The Basics of MS Project Interested in learning more?


Free Microsoft Project Download Trial Edition.Microsoft Project Certification – % Free MS Project Cert. Guide


Microsoft Project is project management software that helps users manage projects, resources, and budgets. It also features portfolio management tools, as well as advanced analytics and reporting functions to afford stakeholders greater visibility and control over projects.

Read below to discover the top Microsoft Project tutorials that can help professionals learn how to plan and manage projects, set up files, assign resources, create Gantt charts, and more. Depending on the course chosen, users will be able to choose the version of MS Project currently in use and decide the skill level they want to achieve. Read more: Microsoft Project Software Review for Alpha Academy offers a Microsoft Project Complete Course that is open to all levels, as the lessons cover beginner concepts up through more advanced MS Project skills.

This hour course covers 39 lessons that teach participants how to:. Universal Class offers Microsoft Project courses for both the and versions of the software. Both are online courses that help users improve project efficiency and organization. Though these tutorials are self-paced, learners have six months to complete each one. The courses are each made up of 18 lessons and each takes an average of eight to nine hours to complete.

Lessons teach students how to:. The Microsoft Project tutorial from Udemy is intended for project managers with any level of experience. It teaches fundamental concepts that learners can apply to any version of MS Project or project management phase, such as project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closure. The tutorial includes over lectures, eight hours of video instruction, PDF documents, quizzes, and 10 hands-on exercises. Topics covered include:. Upon purchase, users get lifetime access to both courses.

The bundle contains a total of 33 lessons and 20 hours of content. The MS Project course contains 18 lessons that take an estimated 10 hours to complete. It teaches learners how to plan, track, and control a project completely within MS Project Learners can expect to get the following takeaways:.

CustomGuide Interactive Learning offers a Project Training Course that includes interactive tutorials, training manuals, quick references, and skills assessments. It is geared towards all levels of experience and covers fundamentals, as well as different project views, tasks, resources, and reports.

CustomGuide offers two price tiers. For individuals, once purchased, they have one year of access to the course and its materials. It involves various interactive assignments and quizzes to check your knowledge as you learn.

The course is composed of course hours that take six months to complete. The GoSkills Microsoft Project Fundamentals tutorial is an online, self-paced course for beginners or those who want a refresher on the fundamentals of MS Project. Participants will learn how to use the different views and tables, create schedules and tasks, manage budget and resources, analyze and track progress, and more.

After completing the 44 lessons, which take approximately 19 hours, students receive a certificate to show their solid foundational knowledge of Microsoft Project. The training is self-paced, so the price depends on the length of time the user wants access to the course. The course is free with a seven-day trial. Group pricing is available as well. LinkedIn Learning provides a range of online courses where users can choose from 14 courses, three authors, three skill levels, and four versions of MS Project.

Tutorials can be as short as under two hours, or more than five hours for advanced courses. The tutorials can be general training on the essentials, or as specific as using Microsoft Project for agile project management or managing subcontractor projects.

Unless your workplace uses a legacy version, a good course to start with is Microsoft Project and Project Online Desktop Essential Training. The course takes nine hours and includes over four hours of videos that are composed of more than 50 lectures. At the end of each module, users can quiz themselves. The course also comes with downloadable handouts and other materials.

This course is available in three price tiers. The course price is not listed on the website. Contact a CBT nuggets representative to get the most accurate pricing information. Webucator offers a set of Microsoft Project tutorials for different versions and levels of mastery of the software.

Instructor-led live classes can be scheduled; students also have an option for customized, in-person private classes. The site offers several types of courses, including one-day rapid formats for beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels of MS Project.

This is a great option for those with no experience with MS Project who need to quickly gain advanced knowledge of this software. Microsoft Project Introduction introduces participants to planning projects, tracking and managing project resources, creating powerful visual reports, and tracking and monitoring project deliverables.

Microsoft Project Advanced provides more in-depth exploration of the software, guiding users through the following core skill areas:. Microsoft Project is a well-known project management tool in the industry. These online tutorials serve those who just want an introduction, all the way up to expert level skills and familiarity with the software.

Naturally, the higher the level of training, the more time and financial investment the course will require. Tags: faq Microsoft Project. When she’s not writing about technology trends, she’s working out or spending time with family. Project Management Training. Effective Project Management Communication Strategies. Project Statement of Work SoW. Significance of Keeping Documentation in Project Management. Interesting Webinars and where to find them.

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