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It is not user friendly, not intuitive and is inconvenient. The metadata can get mixed up and the catalogue is definitely not as extensive as Spotify. Also, the current version is kind of buggy and unstable. Some Audirvana 3. Whether the sound quality alone will convince enthusiasts to subscribe to Audirvana Studio is a moot point.

However, if later iterations of Audirvana Studio can retain its excellent sound quality, increase its catalogue and improve its UI to be as good as Spotify or Tidal or Roon, I will quickly subscribe to it. Try it and check out its sound quality, catalogue and UI for yourself. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. I’ve use JRMC in the past but have struggled to get things working, especially my media library.

JRiver will also connect with Qobuz apparently. So what have I got and what am I looking for? I have a Kaiser Baas Soundshift attached to my HiFi which accepts DLNA connections and it does work with my iPad One major issue is that the majority of my music is classical and while I have it very neatly catalogued on the HD in folders, Audirvana doesn’t present it this way and I suspect that Roon would be similar. So which should I get? I’ve used JRMC in the past but found that their interface was not as intuitive as I would have liked.

Based on what I’ve got and what I want, what would you recommend and why? Location: Michigan, USA. I wouldn’t bother with Plex. It’s awesome for video content, but it’s really not made for music. As for your others, the only one I have used is Roon, and I love it, but I do suspect it would have trouble with your classical library.

You could give the free trial a go and see how it handles it. I’ve been super happy with my lifetime subscription, but I got in before the price increases. However, if I was presented with that option now, I would still do it. DyersEve , Jun 29, Rolltide likes this. Location: Katy, TX. I use JRiver, but it’s more of Swiss Army knife than it is strictly for music. I use it mostly for audio, but my brother uses it mostly for video. You can link a tablet or a smart phone to control it, so you don’t really need to output to video to play music, but it’s best to use the video interface for setting it up.

As far as setting it up, you could consult the forums at the JRiver for instructions on how to set it up. There are countless thread there.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for ask, somebody will have a solution. But JRiver is really nice if you want to cue up albums. It’s really easy to add albums or songs at the end of the playlist.

You could get a streaming deck, but I have computers laying around and JRiver will run on even the most modest systems. It’ll run on a raspberry pi, so really it doesn’t need much at all. Yes it does take some time to get it work properly, but once you have it set up, it’s easy to maintain and just works really well. Kal Rubinson , gd0 and wolfyboy3 like this.

Location: Miami, FL. I have used Plex, JRiver, and Roon. Just get Roon. Yeah, its a little expensive but you may never need another piece of software for your music. The highest tier Audirvana looks very comparable to Roon, but I have not used. DustyRobes , Jun 29, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. NHL99 Well-known member. Feb 27, 41 8 What a difference! Have a license for the Audirvana, doesn’t sound anything special.

Downloaded the free day trial of Audirvana Studio. So much better audio wise. Anyone else hear the difference? Friesiansam Well-known member. Feb 3, 19, Does Audirvana give you bit-perfect playback? Tinman Well-known member. May 19, 1, 2, NHL99 said:. Friesiansam said:. Have to add that the listening experience is with in-ears connected to the laptop directly. It’s all in the details of the particular setup. The chain isn’t stronger than the weakest link.

Tinman said:. Well actually Audirvana does a lot more than just bit perfect playback. It optimises the entire operating system for audio playback and disables non essential services. Plays from RAM too. This limits processor activity during playback and protects the music from playback jitter and possible signal interference by stabilizing the computer power supply and limiting processor activity to the bare minimum: minus 0.

Today, most DACs operate at very high internal frequencies and low resolution. This conversion involves oversampling. Reactions: Tinman



Audirvana jriver free


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Audirvana jriver free


Pages: Author Topic: Why did you choose JRiver? Read times Soundwave Recent member Posts: Hi everyone JRiver just makes other options seem ridiculous.

Perhaps some players are more “streamlined” in interface or something. But with that, comes the almost-necessity of dumbing down a program, or making it custom fit one specific purpose really well usually an aesthetic ordeal at best for many instances. That really is a nice thing to see even if they’re at the receiving end of backlash sometimes unfortunately. The program itself is really customizable, and I appreciate the breadth of DSP options it offers.

They seem to take objective performance and technical operation as key, unlike some others that seem to just be selling blatant audiophoolery. I never thought a program like this could exist for music and funnily enough I see on the forums lots of people using it for video as well.

Thank you so much guys. Wheaten Guest. I wouldn’t go this far as “JRiver just makes other options seem ridiculous”. I keep discovering features that I needed, had not come upon myself but which were not so pressing as to motivate me to ask. I started checking it out to sync to a legacy Cowon D2 I had.

But I stuck around because It handles a massive library on a mapped network drive well. That would have been enough. But also, super useful tagging utilities. Play doctor is extremely groovy. EDIT: After spending some more time with the application and preferring if over my gaming backlog , I wanted to share a few visual examples of why I find it so groovy. SenatorRobb Member Posts: 1. All of the Above.

Oz Member Posts: 4. Been using JRiver since, i think version 22, and now on Chose JRiver because when i tried the trial i heard an instant improvement in sound. Over the years i have grown to really appreciate the versatility and how configurable each version has been. It is at a good price point and i like that full version upgrades are offered at a discount to existing licence users and that you don’t force people to pay a yearly subscription to use the product or limit the number of devices i can use it on i have it on two laptops.

I never have any qualms about recommending JRiver to friends who want to explore audiophile quality in the digital realm. JRiver Media Center has a good reputation for support and is always being developed to improve and extend its capabilities.

RickC Recent member Posts: I came up in digital audio with music match jukebox back in the old days. I really liked it, but it was bought out and ruined. Winamp was up next, and I had a lot of fun and great years with that program.

It works great with JRiver. I’ve also used Musicbee and it’s ok, but I prefer JRiver. Right now, I’m on JRiver I’m trying to figure out if 27 is a worthwhile upgrade. LilyAarseth World Citizen Posts: I was a loyal winamp fan since my computer ran windows 98, but after a friend introduced me to JRiver on multiple occasions I was eventually won over a few years ago, never looked back once I learned how powerful this player is.

Features I now cannot live without: – Remote library from another server computer running JRiver – Ability to edit the tag data and update the files on the remote computer as seamless as if they were on a local drive, except for album art feature request maybe? Making music discovery so much easier.

I don’t have local music on my mobile devices anymore, because streaming them from my computer running JRiver is so seamless I forget it’s not local files. These are the ones on top of my head. I use it mainly at home because it plays everything and has a nice ten foot interface Theater View.

We recently started using it at work together with employee monitoring software because of how good it works. It works so well with various networks and remotely. I found JRiver many years ago and was so delighted with the product. It does everything I want and more. If you are not getting bit-perfect pass through, then check if you have Windows volume up to … windows kernal does evil to a bit stream. Regarding sound… if the player is passing a bit-perfect stream, it should sound no different from other bit-perfect players.

Some say this is not true. I disagree and say they do. I have mine set to display the library as a Windows tree structure… I like it and find no reason to change players.

I know Ted uses it as well as other players… maybe a question direct to him on what he likes best and why is in order. JRiver with certain skins has an indicator to let you know the output is bit-perfect. The caveat, which I have experienced personally, is you have to be careful. JRiver might be sending the stream with no alteration, but you have to make sure Windows or any other OS is not. It was being caused by a Windows 11 setting despite using the PS Asio driver.

Thanks for that interesting information tak. It could explain why I hear superior sound qualilty with Audirvana Studio. I have stopped using JRiver, but I still purchase the latest releases.

I will have to revisit JRiver and try to make sure its settings are sending a bit perfect signal to my dac. I am using Windows 10 Professional. I still wish JRiver provided the ability to stream Qobuz. The Bridge II which I still have installed also shows up as a renderer, so I am able to stream Qobuz directly to that too. For a very different take on a similar topic. The folks on the Roon forum, in general, are very much bits are bits people or folk.

Any argument otherwise gets shot at with both barrels. Ah… so it is kind of a philosophy question then… If the changes to the bit stream, intentional or not, sound better, then is this good or bad? IMO, the player should pass bit perfect. Now having written that, I have an equalizer plugin installed but not active in foobar.

Yes, I am getting bit perfect, but I have some gawd-awful recordings where I just must turn down the treble and so I can activate the equalizer when needed, then unplug it back for bit perfect. Scott, thanks for a concrete answer. Here’s what I’m thinking of when I think of bit-perfect. There is the file on my hard drive — the 96 kHz bit Another Country recording by Cassandra Wilson don’t particularly like the song but it’s revealing which is why HD Tracks included in their collection, I’ve had it for ages from back in when I acquired and tested the Musical Fidelity V This file is then read by the player Audirvana in this case.

This has nothing to do with the DAC so far. Bit perfect would then be communication by the player of the original file to the DAC. Any colouration of the file should be at the DAC level.

The player should not change Of course if a player applies EQ or balance to the original file, the file is no longer bit perfect and can no longer be communicated as bit perfect to the DAC it’s a modified version of the original. If you are saying that the bit perfect moniker still applies to modified data, whether EQ’d or sweetened, then indeed Audirvana could both be bit perfect and sweeten the audio.

In that case, bit perfect becomes just a method of communication and despite the fairly clear implication that bit perfect means an accurate rendition of the original file, it is not.

If this seems elementary to you and horribly off-track, my apologies. I would like to correctly understand the term bit perfect so as not to misuse it. No need to type out a long explanation if there is an accurate one online which you could point out. Click to expand Technical Expert. Joined Apr 24, Messages 1, Likes 2, Of course if a player applies EQ or balance to the original file, the file is no longer bit perfect and can no longer be communicated as bit perfect to the DAC it’s a modified version of the original.

By definition, bit-perfect implies that none of the original bits of the digital file are modified when they leave the player. In other words, no EQ, no sweetening, no modifications of any kind to the original bits.

When you say that something is bit perfect, and yet, sweetens the sound, that’s like saying that you can improve something while keeping it completely unchanged. How do you accomplish this? What do you mean by player?

If I stream a I meant a player software, as was used in the title of this thread. Martini Active Member. Joined Jun 13, Messages Likes I think all Alec is asking, is if someone with the appropriate equipment can take the feed out of the computer USB, from a track that has been run via Audirava and compare it to the downloaded file.

Then if there is a difference, try to determine what exactly the software is doing and confirm to him that he is actually hearing something and that Audirava is manipulating the music. I only read the last 2 pages, so there may be crap that I missed. Forum Donor. So the modus operandi is to bully and browbeat and then to mute cut out the tongue of apostates. Descartes Major Contributor. Joined Dec 27, Messages 1, Likes Audirvana is just releasing a new version for Mac users this software is great!

Jimbob54 Master Contributor Forum Donor. Joined Oct 25, Messages 9, Likes 12, Descartes said:. Rottmannash Major Contributor Forum Donor.

MediumRare said:.

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